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A hiring supervisor for an executive-level position sees all your Rather than goals or a list of credentials. The content is somewhat different in the executive profile because the goals are totally different than a lower-level resume; so they always check your abilities and credentials. 

The executive resume contains your accomplishments and has basically a different set of skills as to why you'd be valuable to your provider. 

In case your executive profile suggests you have what the organization is searching for, the hiring supervisor will continue studying; if not, your resume will probably be immediately tossed aside. But To create more chances for your resume to be shortlisted you need to look create executive resume from

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Work History vs Achievements

The professional experience part of this executive resume also differs precisely from a regular resume. Rather than presenting your job history concerning job descriptions, you may pay attention to your accomplishments in each position.

The same as in a regular resume, you may begin with the latest position you've held. After listing the business and your job name, nevertheless, you may write a brief, concentrated description of the business and why you were hired.

Do not be concise, but also make certain you include enough information to give an accurate summary of your part in the corporation.