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Estimates of wooden windows at the international level are better than metal or PVC windows and are recommended by WWF because wooden windows use less energy, are more efficient, and produce less CO2 into the atmosphere. You can navigate this website for building your wooden house by the professional architectures.

The principle of energy-efficient construction wooden projects:

1. Climate design – according to the area of energy consumption and climatic conditions

2. Ceilings, insulate walls, doors, and windows – increase insulation levels

3. Pay attention to the orientation of the building – the main living room window faces north (if it is in the Southern Hemisphere)

4. Arrange the windows so that the wind can naturally enter the room.

5. A light roof reduces heat flow from solar radiation better than a dark roof

The smallest design of these projects offers 2 bedrooms, a common area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The courtyard has a small swimming pool with a mini beach. The outer wall of the house can be made of glossy black material that reflects the surroundings from all sides. 

The combination of decorative flooring and small white stones, as well as a lawn and garden, creates an open dining area for both adults and children. The wooden material option is a popular top choice on the market in today's scenario. 

There are various types of wood material available in the market these days. It is also used for shipbuilding and heavy construction. In the current scenario, there are different color variants of the wooden tree.