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A trusted locksmith will need to properly check your window locks to see if a window lock repair can save them. If your lock cannot be repaired, our locksmith will work with you to properly replace the lock on your window.

Knowing the importance of having locks on your windows, locksmiths will do their best to make sure your home doesn't have any weak entry points. You can also look for a window lock repair via

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How long will it take to fix the window lock?

It can take 20 to 30 minutes to fix the window lock. The time it takes to repair a lock differs because our locksmiths have to evaluate the windows first before deciding what action to take next.

If the lock can be fixed, they'll work on it. The duration of the repair method also depends on the type of window you have.

If you have single windows installed, the repair process will take longer than double-installed windows. This is because a double-hung window is easy to move and you can access both sides of the window, whereas a single-hung window has only one moving part. This type of window increases the evaluation time and repair time.

Fixing a window lock is not as difficult as the steps to fixing a door lock, but it is no less important. To understand the steps to follow in this process, it is important to understand the types of windows used in most living rooms.