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Cotton is a natural fiber that is made from plant fibers. It is soft and can be used for the needs of your child. There are many reasons cotton is so child-friendly!

Low fuss

Because cotton is a natural fiber, it requires very little maintenance. Cotton is more durable than synthetic or man-made fibers, which can be difficult to maintain. Cotton shrinks less than synthetic fabrics.

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Cotton clothes should be air-dried and can be hung up. They are generally strong and durable. You can remove stains from cotton with warm water and mild detergent. Cotton is durable, washable in the machine, and easy to maintain.

Innerwear made of 100% cotton is the best

Clothes made from 100% cotton are garments that have not been blended with other materials. Pure cotton can be used to indicate that the garment's fiber is 100% cotton. Pure cotton innerwear is best as it won't irritate the skin and lasts longer.

Insulates and controls moisture

It is well-known that cotton is a breathable material. This basically means that cotton can transfer moisture away from the skin. Children are not expected to be still. 

They run around and spill on their own skin all the time. Cotton absorbs moisture and wicks away liquids. Cotton's high absorbency means it can be used to make towels. It absorbs the only 1/5th of its weight before becoming damp.

Cotton is 100% natural, and biodegradable

Cotton is an excellent choice, especially with the sustainability movement emphasizing the importance of protecting the environment. Cotton is biodegradable and will naturally decompose.

Cotton crops can withstand heat and drought, so they don't require irrigation as often as other crops. They can also survive in rain alone.