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People usually believe that mediation begins when everyone involved meets in the mediation room and sits down at the mediation table. The truth is that mediation begins when the disputing parties agree to participate in private mediation or when they are notified by the court to attend the agreed mediation hearing.

This pre-mediation phase is often overlooked and underestimated because it has the potential to affect the outcome of the mediation session. You need to look for mediators on time to resolve the dispute. You can now also get water rights mediation services if you face any water dispute.

 Do I Really Need a Lawyer for Mediation? - White and Associates Law

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Why is there often a lack of proper preparation for mediation?

One reason is that while we all see television shows and films about litigation and litigation a lot, mediation is a form of dispute resolution that is relatively unknown to most people. The need to prepare witnesses and clients for trial and testimony is widely expected and accepted, while detailed preparation and coaching prior to mediation is underappreciated and underappreciated. 

The result is that people who take part in mediation sessions are unprepared for the dynamics of mediation and decisions that will dramatically affect their future and well-being. Another reason is that professionals who assist parties to mediation disputes are usually very familiar with the mediation process.