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Perimeter drainage is the process of taking water away from the foundation of a building and directing it to a perimeter drain. Perimeter drains are an important part of any home’s waterproofing system and can help to prevent Foundation problems, basement flooding, and mold growth. You can find the best perimeter drainage through various online resources.

perimeter drainage

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Benefits of Perimeter Drainage

Perimeter drainage is a type of home drainage system that is installed around the perimeter of a home. It helps to collect and redirect water away from the foundation of the home, which can help to prevent foundation damage and basement flooding. Perimeter drainage can also help to reduce mold and mildew growth around the home.

Areas of Application

Perimeter drainage is most commonly used around the foundation of a home. It is also used in agricultural and commercial applications. Foundation drains are installed on the exterior of the footing and collect water that seeps through the walls and floor of the basement. 

This water is then directed away from the building to a storm sewer or other outlet. Agricultural uses for perimeter drains include collecting water from fields and directing it to a storage pond. Commercial applications include collecting storm water runoff from parking lots and directing it to a detention pond.