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Reporters are trained professionals who keep complete and accurate records of everything that happens during court proceedings and court hearings. Accurate and complete records are important to courts, just as records are important to investigators.

Transcripts of testimony provided enable lawyers, judges, and jurors to demonstrate that the rights of the individual concerned are respected and that decisions upheld by the courts can be supported by court transcripts that fully reflect the arguments presented by both parties.

In this regard, court reporting is essential to all legal proceedings. No court case is settled without a reporter. If you are looking to hire a court journalist in Toronto, then visit

Today legal journalists use audio recorders that are designed to record speech and display it on the screen or to minimize ambient noise. The device is connected to a computer where electronic bailiffs can record records for record-keeping.

Electronic court recorders usually record who is speaking during the trial, which is very important because sometimes there is simultaneous talk. They also take notes to ensure the correct spelling of the names of attorneys, witnesses, etc. This career is not only challenging but also very financially rewarding.

Another type of clerk is a voice writer. Transcriptors use speech recognition technology that enhances today's audio recording technology. Nothing escapes the voice writer's attention. Using a special recording device with a special microphone, they spoke into the device and at the same time explained what happened during the court hearing. These transcriptions become the official court records.