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There isn't any doubt that prescription medicines make a massive difference in a lot of individuals quality of life. These kinds of prescription drugs go through a significant substantive evaluating and also safety protocols before they are offered for prescription. Only a few drug treatments make it through the assessment with most faltering after which they are all but abandoned by the pharmaceutical company. The high standard important before medications can be approved for the market come about due to the tougher criteria on account of prior problems, some of them being fairly dramatic. One of the most well known of these problems has become the thalidomide controversy.

Thalidomide was first sold in 1957 in Germany to deal with anxiety, sleeping problems as well as morning sickness. The thalidomide turned into successful for the morning illness in pregnancy and it was quickly licensed in 46 nations to be used by women that were pregnant. It was not authorized for marketing and distribution in the USA, where it had been denied by the Food and Drug Administration for not achieving high enough standards. This drug never was analyzed to ascertain if it had been safe while being pregnant. The outcome of thalidomides use in pregnancy ended up being an estimated over 10 000 babies being born with a selection of severe deformities and much more miscarriages. With the live births just over half died within weeks of being given birth to. This might be the leading scandal in the history of the drug market.

Problems with thalidomide were initially noticed in 1961 by the Australian obstetrician, William McBride, that submitted correspondence in the Lancet medical publication in relation to their findings of experiencing a rise in the amount of deformed infants that were given birth to at his hospital, every one of which mothers were taking the drug. Around the same time, the paediatric doctor Widukind Lenz in Germany furthermore pointed out several similar instances where the drug was still being sold over-the-counter rather than just on prescription. This then triggered an analysis and subsequent banning of the drug from being used. In 1968, the West German firm which produced the drug, Chemie Grünenthal ended up being put on trial in Germany with the business settling the case out of court and no case proceeding. As a result of this German victims ended up recompensed. No person from the company was found responsible for any kind of crimes. In the UK, the sufferers of the medication ended up being also compensated by the United Kingdom distributors of thalidomide. In other countries there have been quite a few class actions sought, leading to pay outs many years after the medication ceased to be marketed.

The press surrounding this and the birth defects which occurred from thalidomide cast a dark shadow all over pharmaceutical sector. The ensuing controversy led to every country to create much better programs for drug legislation and also monitoring following the authorization of drugs. This was especially the case in the terms of the usage of medicines while being pregnant in which the requirements and prerequisites have become very high.

Thalidomide as a drug nevertheless may have some uses for the treatment for some cancers plus some inflammatory conditions. It is being employed as a medication for leprosy as well as myeloma.