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Truffle salt is simply a special type of salt created by blending certain dry white or black truffles with other pieces of dried fruit. The mixture is then sealed and stored for a while, and only then released. While still tightly sealed in its container, the truffle scent permeates throughout the salty salt, giving an even more earthy truffle taste to those who enjoy it. Why do we love black truffle sea salt? Truffle salt seems to have been created out of all the different flavors and cheeses we have all come to love over the years. There is something about the flavor of truffle that we just love to sniff and taste.

For example, when you have a piece of truffle on your fork, you do not want to be chewing on some yummy piece of chocolate-flavored goodness. You should instead make a savory broth for your dish using the truffle salt to give it that salty oomph. This is how you can use truffle salt as a finishing salt for your dishes. Here are a few ways to make a rich and luxurious spa experience with this beautiful and luxurious spice.

Salty Popcorn. This is one of the best things that you can do with truffle salt-you can drizzle the popcorn on top of warm popcorn to get that luxurious flavor. Just use your fingertips to sprinkle a little on each bag or container of popcorn before putting them in the microwave. Popcorn with truffle salt really tastes like caramel, which is what you get when you drizzle the popcorn on with this luxurious seasoning.

Black Truffle. Some people might be allergic to black truffle, so if you are one of those people, there are many other wonderful ways to enjoy its delicious flavor without having to worry about offending someone's nose. If you want to play around with the spices in the kitchen, you can use the lovely little disks of black truffle sea salt right on your veggies. Sprinkle them on top of your baked potatoes or on top of steamed carrots for a delicious treat that is rich with truffle and garlic flavors.

Scrambled Eggs. Surprisingly, this is an old-fashioned favorite that is still a crowd-pleasing favorite today. All you need is to scramble some eggs with some oil, butter, cheese, herbs, and maybe a few seasonings (or even just a dash of pepper) to add that zip to any dish. Add this on top of a fresh mixed salad for a great lunchtime meal or top some bread cubes with black truffle salt for easy breakfast food.

Pasta. It doesn't matter if your pasta dishes are conventional or with a special ingredient. You can still enjoy the creamy, cheesy, and yet easily digestible texture of truffles by placing them atop some lightly cooked polenta or pasta. Top with some more olive oil, cheese, herbs, and whatever else you want, this is one dish that you don't want to skip serving.

Chocolate. Chocolate truffles have a reputation as being quite sweet. However, this flavor is not confined to certain dark chocolates alone. Almost every chocolate can be enjoyed as truffles, though some varieties, like rich cocoa and even smooth mocha, go best when they are incorporated into a different dessert.

A final thought about Truffle salt adds a unique flavor to any dish. It is also very versatile. You can use it in a huge range of recipes, from bread and desserts to sauces and fish. Take your time, experiment, and see which types of food work best with this salty treat. Enjoy!