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Employment lawyers advise employers and employees on a wide range of workplace law matters, including the hiring process, employee rights, workplace complaints, and hiring and firing issues. An employment lawyer helps employees in disputes with their employers.

The employment lawyer in New Zealand can help negotiate contracts, handle hiring and firing, and more. 

If you're like most people, you probably think of labor and employment law as the same thing. But, in reality, they are two very different types of law.

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Employment law is concerned with employee rights and what employers must do to comply with those rights. Labor law, on the other hand, is concerned with the terms under which workers can be employed. That means labor law can cover things like minimum wage laws, overtime pay laws, and worker safety laws.

The main difference between labor and employment law is that labor law is focused on protecting employees while employment law is focused on protecting employers. But, both types of law play a role in protecting employees from unfair treatment at work.

Employment lawyers often work for large law firms, but there are also many small law firms that specialize in employment law. Some employment lawyers also work as government attorneys or as private attorneys representing companies or individuals.