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You need good healthcare. A place to go when you are stuck with a sudden illness, injury, or other calamity is important. If you have a chronic condition, a healthcare professional at can help you navigate the treatment options.

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These services can be provided by primary care.

A study found that people who have a primary physician received significantly higher-value care. High-value care was defined by the study as cancer screenings and recommended diagnostic and preventive care.

In the past, the role of primary care was filled by a generalist or family doctor. Primary care can now be provided by many different healthcare professionals.

What is a primary care physician?

Primary care physicians are medical doctors who have been trained to treat, prevent, and diagnose a wide range of diseases and injuries.

Comprehensive care is provided by primary care physicians. This means that they can treat long-term, chronic conditions such as diabetes mellitus, as well as acute issues like bronchitis and allergic reactions.

What does a primary care physician do?

Primary care physicians may practice in many settings including:

  • Medical clinics
  • Private or group practices
  • long-term care facilities
  • Outpatient and inpatient hospitals

A primary care physician can provide a wide range of services. Let's look closer at the services that a primary physician can offer.