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Earthmovers `Brisbane

Planning a garden project but worried about the tricky part of concrete removal? You might be willing to move a concrete slab move that’s hindering the beauty of your planned garden. Or you need pavers to be removed because they don’t go well with the design. For all such purposes and challenging parts, jackhammers and breakers come as wonderful solutions.

What’s the Use of a Jackhammer?

A jackhammer is a heavy and powerful tool that combines a chisel directly with a hammer. There are two types of jackhammers based on their working principles, the electro-mechanical and the pneumatic type. Being heavy and powerful, it is recommended that the tool should be used by trained professionals only. Otherwise, it can cause hazards due to poor insulation, the weight of the tool or the hardness of the material to be hammered.

The most common purpose of a jackhammer is breaking the concrete. However, the amount of time and effort needed depends on the concrete (or another material) to be demolished, the hammer size, and the steel reinforcement required.

If you need to break thicker material with increased portability, a petrol-powered jackhammer is a wonderful choice. And, for smaller jobs, electric breakers are used more often. This smaller tool can be used to lift clay or bitumen alongside demolishing medium-sized concrete.

Besides, a jackhammer can be put to many more uses. But an important consideration with using this tool is that it requires proper training and knowledge. That’s why you should contact Brisbane Earthmovers if you need to get any job done.