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When I first started lifting weights, I was a bit intimidated by the sheer amount of weight that I was lifting. And it is very heavy. Women's dumbbell weights for women are generally lighter than men's dumbbells sets. Women's dumbbell sets generally weigh anywhere from twenty-five to thirty pounds. The dumbbell I chose were the standard twenty-pound dumbbells for women's fitness workouts.

I began my quest to look for dumbbells for women sets online. You might be interested to see full list on I had been doing some research on hand weights for women and was interested in learning more about the advantages of dumbbells compared to barbells. After a few hours of searching, I discovered that I could buy a set of dumbbells for women for less than one hundred dollars! I was thrilled! Then I began comparing prices and decided that I wanted a set that would not break the bank.

When I finally found the right dumbbells for women's dumbbells sets I knew that I had found the perfect piece of workout equipment for my gym. It had the standard dumbbells, plates that I was familiar with but that were in different sizes. They also had a couple of additional items for my convenience such as a bench and a leg extension holder. All of these items fit seamlessly into my home gym and I enjoy using it every single day.

There is nothing like owning your own set of dumbbells because they make your body work hard while you are at rest. For instance, when I am working out I usually alternate between an incline dumbbells sets and dumbbells presses. The incline dumbbells put more stress on my legs, which helps to build my muscles. When I do the dumbbell press I am working my entire chest, shoulders, traps, biceps, forearms, etc.

Another great reason why dumbbells sets for women are better is that they give you the ability to work more muscles at one time. The dumbbell press and the dumbbell fly allow you to keep your arms and hands busy which allows you to increase your overall size. The fly dumbbells put the most stress on your biceps but do not require a lot of range of motion. I prefer a dumbbell press over the fly because I can maintain an upright position during the whole movement.

For me a dumbbells set for women is much like having another set of parallel bars at home. It gives me the freedom to perform my favorite exercises without having to bring a huge weight home with me. You will however need to be consistent with your dumbbell presses and dumbbell flys if you want to see results. Be careful of machines because they will not build muscle like you want them too. They are simply there to take your money.

Remember to mix it up. There are dumbbells sets for women that do not have any grips. The reason being is because the grips are made from rubber and if you use regular weight lifting straps you may get injured. Also, keep in mind that dumbbells are functional and they should not be used as replacements for another exercise. They should compliment each other.

Lastly I would like to tell you that dumbbell presses and dumbbell flies can be great additions to your workout routine. I used to be a huge fan of dumbbell presses but after I started gaining weight I decided to give them away. I loved dumbbell presses because they forced me to increase the weights I could handle. On the other hand dumbbell flies forced me to work out with much lower weights, which is always a nice change. So if you are looking to gain strength, then these workouts for dumbbell weights for women can definitely do the trick.