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The increasing shift to Visa debit cards may be directly related to the fact that more and more people are tearing up their credit cards to minimize unnecessary costs. However, instead of going back to the Stone Age with a wad of cash in their wallets, people opted for debit cards on the internet, which function like regular credit cards, except that debit cards don't create the same temptations as credit cards. When not using funds, debit card users have certain restrictions on how much they can spend. Therefore, consumers may have better self-control when buying goods.

This type of Visa customized debit card has been around for a number of years, but it's only now that consumers have really thought about the benefits of a regular credit card. By effectively removing the urge to use credit or debt to shop online as well, consumers can stop useless spending and save more money in the process. With this type of debit card, consumers can now do anything with a credit card without the dire consequences of a monthly bill.

Square opens customized prepaid debit cards program to everyone - The Verge

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When choosing a Visa debit card to use online, look for a virtual card that makes it easy for applicants not to perform credit checks. If you are planning on getting this type of card, it would be nice if you could get good credit automatically and for free. If the card you are applying for is virtual, you will not suffer a loss because you have to wait for days to get a valid card. With a good virtual card, users can easily transfer funds to their accounts and start shopping online in minutes, not weeks.