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India is a country with a variety of cultures and this diversity can easily be seen across all regions after a few miles. The dances in India vary according to culture, state, and religion. The beginning of dancing in India is over five thousand years old.BeChuzi can help you in choosing the best dance style.

If you don't love India, I don't think you can love Indian classical dance' - Amrita Lahiri - FiveLines

A dancer's figure from the 2nd century BC discovered in the remains of Mohenjo Daro illustrates this fact. The three main Hindu gods of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Maa Kali are illustrative of dancing. Dance forms like these are thought of as a fundamental element of Indian daily life.

It is primarily an artistic and visual display that consists of a wide range of facial expressions, poses and movements, poise and so on. The forms of dance in India differ from traditional temple dances to traditional, folk, and contemporary styles. Classical dance is a landmark among all dance styles of India.

Indian Classical Dance: Indian classical dances go back to the year 400 BC and are a part of the time of Natya Shastra, the syllable of Bharat Muni. Natya Shastra is thought to be the most important source of inculcating the standard of dance. It is also believed as the 5th Veda (as it is the fourth of four Vedas in India). Indian traditional dances have expanded their roots to the west as well.

The most renowned and widely acclaimed classical Indian dances include Bharatnatyam (Tamil Nadu), Kathak (Uttar Pradesh), Manipuri (Manipur), Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh), Odissi (Orissa), Mohini Attam (Kerala), and Kathakali (Kerala), Kutiyattam (Kerala). 

Bharatnatyam is among the most popular dance forms in India. It is also considered to be an official national dance in India. The dance's postures and form are heavily influenced by the art of the old Chidambaram temple.

Folk Dances of India:As India is a nation that comprises many States and Regions, every region is a mix of different cultures, which can be represented in its different artistic styles.