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Steam cleaners are one of the best cleaners for hard surfaces. This machine cleans hard surfaces by removing the high-temperature outlet onto the hard surface to melt and dissolve dirt and stains. To get more details about gum removal you can visit total line marking.

Steam cleaners can be used for other purposes than cleaning hard surfaces. This machine can be used to extract chewing gum, for example. This article provides some tips on how to use steam cleaners effectively to remove rubber from floors and walls.

Uses steam to remove gums

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How it works

Removing gums with the help of a steam cleaner is quite simple. This machine dumps the high-temperature outlet onto the rubber strip. The outlet melts the rubber which can be removed from the machine or manually.

Dry steam output

The sophisticated steam cleaners available today offer dry steam release. This is a very hot form of water. Dry steam removal has two advantages in removing rubber. First, the result is very sharp and melts stale gum. The cleaning process is very efficient and fast.

Vacuum installed

Modern commercial steam cleaners are equipped with a built-in vacuum cleaner. As a result, they are often referred to as vacuum cleaners. Conventional steam cleaners do not have this facility. This machine can only melt or remove dirt.

Automatic loading

Another feature of the ready-to-use steam cleaner that makes rubber removal faster and more convenient is the automatic loading technology. This technology allows the machine to work continuously.