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Homeowners seldom consider the roof above their heads till they experience a roof leak issue. Subsequently, the question always comes up: if they receive a tear-off (roof replacement) or simply receive a shingle overlay that simply covers over the older roof?

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What's a Tear-Off?

This is a frequent roofing project. Essentially a roofing contractor and their team will come to your house and fully"tear-off" or eliminate all of the tiles from the roof. They will inspect your roof deck (the wooden foundation above your rafters) and then replace and replace it needed. Then they are going to then fully re-cover your roofing with new shingles from top to bottom.

What's a Roof Overlay?

While overlays save in time, labor and disposal costs (it's needed by code which waste shingles by a tear-off be taken to a nearby landfill or comparable disposal center), they could only be achieved if certain requirements are met.

If the present roof is in good shape, has just 1 coating, places flat (no lumps or rolls), and contains no leaks or some issues with the inherent roof deck (soft spots); a comprehensive tear-off or elimination might not be required.