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The entire teaching process relies on the teacher. Therefore, teachers must be cautious when selecting teaching resources to help students. Many kinds of virtual teaching resources are accessible now on the internet. Teachers should make use of these resources to instruct students effectively.

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Here are a few of the teaching materials:

  • Alphabet Books

Alphabet Books can be very beneficial to kids aged 5 to 6. They include every alphabet written in a vibrant way that draws the attention of young children.

  • Picture

Picture books include images related to the topic. They are designed for children between the ages of 5 and 6 years old. The books entice youngsters with their colorful illustrations. Children will find the books easy to read.

  • Conceptual

Conceptual books provide the idea of many concepts to the students, for instance, the concept of near and far and the notion of light and heavy, etc. They explain the information through pictures that are extremely appealing to children.

  • Rhyme Books

Rhyme books aid students in learning to comprehend the structure of sentences. Rhymes usually have a humorous tone and so students are enthralled by reading them.

  • Drawing

Drawing books offer an idea of things around us. They also provide ideas for students.

  • Multiplication Chart

A multiplication chart aids students in reading the multiplication of numbers and recalling them in their minds.

  • General Knowledge

General Knowledge Books can be used to give an idea of the basics and provide information on the various things in our environment.