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Web hosting is the business practice of providing storage space and bandwidth to a powerful computer server that is connected to the Internet at a very high speed.

Hosting companies manage huge networks of powerful web server computers in the physical space known as the data center. These computer servers are connected to very fast and usually redundant Internet connections. The data center has primary and emergency power supplies, a high-speed internet connection, and security guards.You can get fast & reliable web hosting in Australia via Digital Z.

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The web hosting company provides a share of the available storage space and bandwidth per client for a monthly fee. As soon as the customer registers, he can upload files to his personal space on the web server and the information is then available to anyone interested in the Internet.

Here are two types of web hosting

Shared web hosting:

Shared web hosting is the most popular form of hosting. Shared hosting is a portion of the storage space and bandwidth provided to you by a web hosting company on a powerful server.

There are many other websites hosted on these servers and the hosting company will likely have several of these servers in large data centers. Server resources are shared among many other websites distributed on this computer.

Dedicated web hosting:

Dedicated web hosting is the most powerful and affordable solution for hosting busy websites without buying your equipment and paying hundreds of dollars a month for a fast internet connection. Dedicated hosting consists of a server with no other hosting on that computer. This allows the largest possible configuration options. Anyone with a busy website will find dedicated hosting a great choice.