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Most people don't realize how much the technology behind cutting boards has advanced over the past decade. As the available counter space in kitchens in many homes and apartments continue to diminish it becomes more important to choose kitchen tools which are versatile and easy to store and use.

While a lot of attention is focused on buying larger utensils and expensive utensils, many people opt for smaller items, such as cutting boards, etc.  The truth is that boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning there is a specific type of cutting board that is ideal for every home.

The key is to look carefully at how they are used and what features can make life easier. You can easily get the best cutting board online via

First of all, the question arises of what material the cutting board is made of. To avoid long-term contamination, it is important to choose dishes made of non-porous materials. Materials like polyethylene are ideal because they are not only non-porous but also odor-resistant.

As an added bonus, this material allows manufacturers to add several features to the board. For example, some allow you to place an image on a board to customize its look and feel. Are you always looking for double-sided boards to save money and space?

For kitchens where ingredients need to be moved more than a foot after cutting, it is ideal to choose a board with a pointy handle that is comfortable but durable.

Another way to save space and reduce the risk of cross-contamination is the multi-board approach. There are several popular choices, including various cutting boards housed in elegant storage boxes.