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If you are looking for double bunk beds then it is recommended that you should go for double sleeper bunk beds. These kinds of beds are designed in such a way that the bottom sleepers can sleep either on the left or right side. So, if the bottom sleepers need to be left alone then it becomes difficult for the other sleepers to have a peaceful sleep. Hence this is why double bunk beds are ideal for children who are sharing a room with their siblings. They help to ease out the stress and tensions as the other siblings cannot have a peaceful sleep at night.

Generally, double bunk beds have been designed for children who need more sleeping space as compared to their age and size. These are available in different sizes and designs that include modern ones. There are also traditional bunk beds that incorporate a pull out ladder that lets the owner to extend the height of the bed during summers. However, there are other options that help in maximizing the available sleeping space.

One of the popular double bunk beds is the Panana wooden double bed (single bottom / double top) that has a wooden single bed frame and a slide mechanism that allow the owner to extend the height of the bed when needed. This bed has an interior canopy that helps in providing additional shade during cooler months. The bed frame also has rollers that help in easy cleaning. Some models even come with a canopy that is removable. It is made of hardwood that is covered with vinyl on all sides for maximum protection from dust and other debris.

Pine double bunk beds are also very popular and available in different sizes. The pinewood used in making these beds offers superior quality and durability. Some models of pine are treated with insect repellent and resistant to termites. The mattress that is made of pine has some sort of shock-absorbing ability that enables comfortable sleep even during a bumpy sleep.

A good quality pine bed can cost you around $1500. An average double bunk bed comes with a twin size and a full-size mattress that enable you to choose according to your sleeping requirements. The best part about this type of bed is that they are available in different colors and designs including classic, modern, contemporary and Victorian styles. They can be designed with additional features such as side tables, chest of drawers, day beds or nightstands.

Double kids bunk beds are very popular nowadays as they can accommodate children of different ages. The best feature of these double bunk beds is their space and storage options. As they offer more than the standard single bed frame, they also come with extra storage options such as drawers under the bed, cabinets below, a ladder for added convenience and space for books and other useful items. You can also get storage options for clothes and toys underneath the bed frame.

The top bunk of these beds usually has a work table built in it, where you can work on your projects. They are also available in different designs and styles and the price ranges vary depending on the features and the make. A good example of a double kid's bed with drawers underneath is the SoHo loft double bed with an en suite master/children's bedroom that come with a work table, and storage options underneath. It has an interior wooden floor and is equipped with a pull-out desk, a chest of drawers and a clothes hamper.

Another example is the loft bed with a trundle bed attached on to it. This type of bed provides the dual function of sleeping as well as having a place for storing small items. This type of bunk bed usually has a built-in bench in the middle where you can put your legs up and relax. There are many varieties and models to choose from and it is important to choose the right one for your kids.