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Knowing the fundamental differences between the many types of grills will make your purchasing decision easier. You will not have to go through the pain of overspending on very expensive to apply

The heat source

How the heat generated is probably the key features that you should concern yourself. You have a choice between coal, natural gas, propane or electric grills. Another option is a very popular barbecue smoker, which produces a unique taste that many people find unbearable. You can navigate for getting more knowledge about barbecue grills.


The physical dimensions of the grill should be given careful consideration. With the security becomes very important, the recommended distance of 10 feet should be allowed out of your home or combustible materials. It also should not be used inside buildings covered roof.


For some people, this is a question of make-or-break. If you do not have a large budget available, then a charcoal grill would probably better suit your pocket. propane grill will be slightly more expensive, with a barbecue smoker is also in the same range. natural gas grills will be in a higher price range.

A barbecue smoker will invest most distinct flavor to the food cooked, taste can be improved by using a variety of woods, or – in the case of smokers with a tray of water – by flavoring the water with herbs, spices, or even certain beverages.

Heat control

Instant control provided by the gas grill is a big plus, compared with a charcoal grill. No long waits for the grill to reach the desired temperature, nor was there waiting for the coals to burn out or to extinguish themselves. The heat will continue at the right temperature, so you can accurately predict the outcome in your cooking.