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The whiteboard animated video proved to be a very effective tool for increasing website traffic and conversion rates and to generate interest in new ideas and effort. Due to the success and impact of the bidding of the whiteboard animation videos, demand for professional services that handle their production also skyrocketed for years.

It has produced a large variant in the price and quality of services offered by whiteboard animated companies and those that specialize in other forms of the medium, such as whiteboard explainers and similar types of videos that communicate ideas. At the low end, you will find many DIY whiteboard explainer services that offer their software for lease at fairly reasonable rates.

Some companies offer actual production of whiteboard explainers at dirt cheap prices.  While these companies can sometimes tide good quality videos, their threshold for excellence may not be high and strict standards as an upscale company dedicated to whiteboard animation and video production.

Although lower class companies can be sufficient in producing good quality explainers, their market is full of risks, because they often lack experience, skills, and the technology needed to produce dynamite animations. This is where a well-established whiteboard animation company come into play.

A well-established and experienced whiteboard animation company runs extremely organized productions. They have people who specialize in different stages of whiteboard video production, from conceptualization down to final editing, making sure that the finished work is up to par with what's out there, all while keeping the script and video treatment in tune with the message you want to convey to your audience.