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Although there are many reasons to start a business consulting, not all of them involve the passion and independence of an entrepreneur. Many consultants open their businesses after being laid off. They don't consider themselves to be entrepreneurs. 

Others are eager to leave their employer and start their own business where they can apply all their knowledge and experience in providing high-quality services for their clients. Anyone with the right skills can start a business consulting firm to help them create a true business essence. You can also hire business consultants via

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A business consultant is a specialist in a particular field who acts as an advisor and analyst to others. Statistics, information technology, and marketing are the most common areas of consultancy.

Consultancy is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is also recognized as one of many supporting pillars in the business world. Knowledge and experience are two of the most important factors in this industry. 

Other issues include licensing, certifications from industry professionals, and organizational abilities. They also require basic technological skills, such as the use of state-of-the-art machines, software programs, and great networking skills.

A business consultancy is similar to starting a small business. You will need to find out how to register a business name and print business cards.