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If you feel like you're at war with yourself and your mind is splitting in different directions, then Internal Family Therapy (IFS) can be of benefit to you. The internal family system is a fact-based counseling approach.

Internal family systems (IFS) therapy believes that there is a core in your head that embodies all your best qualities such as compassion, curiosity, serenity, courage, connectedness, clarity, trust, and creativity. As you interact with your childhood environment, you begin to develop sub-personalities or "parts" of your mind.

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These parts are designed to protect you from harm. Some parts are positive, productive, and rational. But when faced with trauma or pain, a part can become injured and extreme. 

Maybe you go to bed at night and think I don't know why I'm worried, this is stupid, but I can't stop! This is a perfect example of how your parts work against each other. On the one hand, you have the rational part of your brain that tells you that your fear is illegitimate, but you have another that tells you that there may be a threat and you need to worry about it.

The Internal Family System wants you to know these parts. This allows you to develop compassion for him and your thoughts and actions. Ultimately, this compassion leads to healing. At IFS we work to heal the injured parts of you so they can relax, knowing that you are protected from harm. Over time, they can become less extreme and respond to potential threats.