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This is an innovation in the accounting industry. So if you haven't heard of it, you'll soon hear the name Xero. Xero is a new accounting software – a new alternative to QuickBooks – and is being used by more and more small businesses these days.

It is gaining popularity because the software itself is cloud-based, which helps users stay organized while performing standard bookkeeping functions and other bookkeeping needs. As a company like RWK Accountancy, Xero is on a platform that emphasizes the importance of small businesses to our global economy. 

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It's always wise to explore the pros and cons of any new software for your business that you invest in, but see the benefits of using Xero accounting software below. 

Currency conversion

One of the main selling points of a company that wants to become a global entity is the ease of currency conversion. Well, Xero has it! You don't have to worry about converting any currency yourself; have a built-in, convenient automatic converter.

Automated banking feeds

Speaking of automation, Xero has gone a long way and decided to automate banking. This means that instead of sitting down to manually import bank statements into Xero, you can set up your bank details and let Xero do everything for you. 

Easy to use

The most important advantage of accounting software is its ease of use. It should be easy or people won't buy the software. Many Xero users have found that Xero is easy to use even without deep accounting knowledge.