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Facebook Introduces Messenger Bot

Facebook Chatbot is a new feature introduced in Facebook's new version, "FB". This software has been around in some form or another for several years. However, it has only recently become popular enough in Facebook's lineup that many businesses have started to use them. In addition to being used by individual users, the Facebook Messenger

The Advantages of Using Facebook ChatBot

Messenger Bot is a tool that is widely used by many businessmen to promote their products or services. A Facebook chatbot is very beneficial for new as well as experienced marketers. You can easily use the help of a Facebook chatbot to promote your products and services without spending too much. Facebook messenger chatbot allows

How to Use the Facebook ChatBots to Communicate?

A Facebook Chatbot is basically a special Messenger Chatbot that can be used on Facebook. This will help a user to interact with the Messenger Chatbot easily. The main purpose of this Chatbot is to give the users a good experience while communicating with other users. A Facebook Chatbot can also be called as a ChatBots

Using Facebook Messenger Bot Services to Generate Leads For Business

Facebook Chatbot is a service for small businesses to utilize while they run Facebook advertisements. With a Messenger Bot, you can ask it to collect information from your customers and send it to you for a fee. Once you get the data, you can save it or simply use it as a permanent method of