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In the past, wood has been a reliable source for building and home constructions. These days, more and more architects, engineers, and end-users are turning to steel for many reasons. 

Pre-engineered metal buildings are efficiently constructed, built to last and can be customized to fit every individual dream. If you want to renovate your home, you can navigate to to hire the best contractor who helps you to renovate your dream home.

steel buildings

Whether it be a residential home or a manufacturing warehouse, both wood and steel are preferable choices for contractors. Here are some of the comparison between wood and steel that will help you to decide which one you should choose. 

  • Build Hours

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) are fabricated in advance off-site and come easy to assemble. Each component in a steel building is accounted for when it arrives on site. With wood construction, artisans spend hundreds of hours cutting lumber to size resulting in inexpensive labour costs and material losses from human error. 

Steel buildings take 50% less time to construct than a wood-framed structure. Building with steel means less wait time for you and more time to enjoy your garage, home or get your commercial business up and running.

  • Project Cost

Steel buildings are an investment. When comparing steel to wood-framed buildings, additional labour and losses involved with these construction types can more than eat up the difference. 

Steel buildings can outperform a wood-framed building in life span. Steel buildings provide a lifetime of use for your plans. Working with a single-source provider means your design, engineering, fabrication, delivery and installation can be performed in-house. This process eliminates the middle man and delivers savings directly to customers.

  • Design Flexibility

Because of its greater load-bearing strength, steel construction lets architects, designers, and engineers do more with less material. This means more possibilities for your final product. Make your designs stand out with numerous colour options, panel types, customized accessories and more!