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Tooth decay can damage your gums and, if not caught early, can lead to tooth extraction. The best way to treat decaying tooth is through root canals. During an RCT, the infected nerves and pulp are removed, and the dentist cleans and covers the inside of the affected tooth. Without this procedure, the surrounding tooth tissue becomes inflamed and an abscess develops.

You can visit this link to find a nearby dentist for treatment. All the teeth in your mouth contain nerves and blood vessels that are located in the middle of channels deep in the roots. 

1. Severe pain – when you have a toothache, which is not a clear indicator that you need extraction or root canal treatment. If the pain becomes so unbearable that you cannot eat or drink, you should see a dentist as soon as possible.

2. Swelling – If your neck or face is swollen, it is a sign that you need an RCT.

3. Boiling gums – Boiling gums are acne-like lesions in the gum tissue that act as drainage of pus. The gum size may increase or decrease depending on your wax mask and reduce infection. 

4. Sensitivity to hot and cold food – Drinking hot drinks like tea and coffee and eating cold foods like ice cream should not be a problem. However, if you experience persistent dull pain after eating these foods, it may be a sign of danger.

6. Darkened teeth – This is not a sign that an RCT is needed immediately unless your dentist tells you to do it. However, the darkening of one or more teeth occurs when the tooth is crushed, or the filling gets worse.