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What Are RFID tags?

RFID Tags are Radio Frequency Identification tags. They are used to store and transmit large quantities of information by simply using a sticker with a code or sequence on it.

How Are RFID Tags Used?

RFID tags are detected through the use of a transponder and receiver. The transponder is embedded within the RFID tag and is responsible for transmitting the required information. This is then recorded by the receiver. The receiver can either be a beacon or a scanner.

What Is An Active RFID Tag? 

An active RFID tag uses a beacon-type receiver and continually receives information from the tag. These tend to be GPS tracking devices or activity trackers. These provide real-time or regular interval updates. 

What Is A Passice RFID Tag? 

A passive RFID tag only transmits information when a scanner is used to activate it. These are used on packaging, examples of which include barcodes on grocery items. 

Who Uses RFID Tags?

A variety of companies utilise RFID tags in their operations. These include health care, logistics and shipping, and automotive companies.

Healthcare can use them to track patients through hospitals or exposure to x-rays.

Logistics and shipping companies can use them to track packing and containers across the globe, including monitoring global locations of packages or delivery timeframes.

Automotive companies embed them into vehicles as GPS tracking and anti-theft devices.

image of an RFID tag


Radio Frequency Identification or better known as RFID tags are used to store and transmit information embedded into a tag or sticker. These can be applied to packaging or assets and are used to efficiently store and access information, collect data, or track inventory.