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Let's compare washable/reusable products, such as menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads, with disposable products like tampons and sanitary napkins, and compare them in terms of environment, economy, and usability.

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reusable cloth pads

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1. Environment:

Disposable: The average woman uses 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads, and sanitary napkins in her lifetime. That's a lot of trash! Also think about the effects of years of production, shipping, and packaging. And it won't decompose for at least 500 years.

Washable: Reusable pads are a much better choice, with the environment in mind than disposable pads that will last 5 years or more if cared for properly. Usually made of cotton so it will be damaged after being thrown away.

2. Health benefits:

Disposable Products: Feminine hygiene products contain chemicals and pesticides that are not good for your body. You can overcome this problem to some extent by using organic choices

Washable: Especially those made of organic cotton are much better on the skin than disposable items. You will probably find that they are less irritating to your skin and just make you feel better there. Be sure to wash your pad before wearing them for maximum benefit.

By choosing a washable over a single-use washer, you are making an ecological choice that has the added benefit of being better for your body and saving you money.