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Marketing and public relations are important functions that serve to enhance the brand image of any company. While there is significant overlap in audience and technique between these two functions, the main goal is of course to attract the public's attention with the right marketing mix and media relations strategy. You can also hire public relations agency in Toronto through various online sources.

The main objective of a marketing campaign is to increase the profitability of a company by promoting its products and services through advertising. While companies spend a lot of money every year on advertising, such promotion strategies are paid services that companies deliberately benefit from. Incorporation with a PR agency often has the same effect but at a relatively lower cost.

Advantages of partnering with a PR agency

Partnering with a good PR agency simply fulfills a company-wide communication need and delivers the right message to the target audience at the right time. The scope of this activity goes far beyond conventional advertising, which is only used to market or sell products.

PR services help companies manage customer expectations and opinions by taking them into account when formulating or updating business policies and developing action and communication plans to fulfill corporate and social responsibilities.

They facilitate better interactions between companies and their customers and protect and enhance the company's reputation by taking appropriate steps to deal with negative public opinion.