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Ragged or misaligned teeth can cause problems with healthy bites, such as gum disease, cavities, jaw problems, and chipped teeth. Smallmouths can cause crowding of the teeth. Larger mouths can create more space between the teeth. 

Many people do not like the look of their smiles and prefer straighter teeth. If you are also interested in having braces, you can visit for booking an appointment with the best orthodontist in Kona Hawaii. 

braces care

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You should pay close attention to oral hygiene after treatment. Here are some hygiene tips to follow: 

Brush your teeth after every meal or snack. To minimize the risk of plaque, it is important to brush each tooth under the braces and at the gum line.  

Flossing should be done between the teeth and under the floss. Waxed floss is more comfortable to place between teeth and is less likely to get caught in braces. 

Water sprinklers are another option for hard-to-reach places. Pulsating water flow can remove food residue and plaque. It's a great final step after brushing and flossing. 

Avoid eating hard or chewy foods and cut crunchy foods into small pieces. If you find yourself in a toothbrush-less situation after a meal, rinse your mouth vigorously with water (or mouthwash).

If braces or floss cause irritation on the inside of your lips, you can apply dental wax over them to prevent this from happening. You can get this wax at the pharmacy or ask your dentist or orthodontist