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What would you do if your pool motor cover broke while you were trying to swim? You might be tempted to pick up the phone and call a pool service, but instead, how about purchasing an automatic pool tool that is easy to use and will save you time? This automatic pool tool is called the Pool Motor Cover, a product that has been in use for over 25 years.

A pool motor cover is a device that is installed over the top of your pool motor to protect it from the elements and debris. It is also used to regulate the air flow over the motor, helping to keep your pool cleaner and cooler.

When to use a pool motor cover?

If you own a pool and have used it regularly for the last six months, then you should definitely consider using a pool motor cover. This type of cover is designed to protect your motor from debris, leaves, and other objects that could potentially damage it over time. Additionally, if you live in a high-traffic area or near a busy street, using a pool motor cover can help to keep your pool cleaner and safer. 

However, there are some important caveats to keep in mind when using a pool motor cover: 

-First and foremost, make sure that your motor is properly covered. Many covers are designed to fit around specific motors, so be sure to measure the dimensions of your motor before purchasing a cover. 

-Secondly, be aware that many covers require some level of assembly or installation before they can be used. If this is not something that you are comfortable doing, then you may want to consider investing in a pre-assembled model. 

-Finally, be sure to remove the cover when you're not using the pool. Not only will this help to reduce the amount of debris that accumulates on the motor.