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A successful New Student Orientation Program:

  • It takes time to develop
  • using a systematic approach to gathering information
  • supported by top management

The key points to remember about the planned program is:

successful orientation program takes time to develop. This is not an over-night or a quick solution for your Student retention and engagement challenges.

Be prepared to spend the necessary time and resources if you are committed to creating a valuable program. Connect students to their success network  with their instructors and advisors via video, email, or messaging for your retention strategy.

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You must use a systematic approach to gathering information to ensure that everyone affected by the new program has the opportunity to contribute and that the actual needs of the new employees are found and dealt with.

As with other initiatives across the company, the New Student Orientation program must have support from top management, supervisors. Getting this support is very important for the development team to continue the surveys etc.

Also, keep in mind that it is one thing to have management support on paper, maybe buried in the middle of a few minutes to a meeting place, but it was another really have this support clearly and unequivocally communicated throughout the organization. Make sure that the New Student Orientation Program initiative you are known by marketing ideas in your company's intranet and newsletters.