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Careful consideration ought to be undertaken before have a natural pond. Environmental issues like blockage of fish passage or heating of downflow waters may cause adverse consequences.

Additionally, sediment from upstream areas will end up trapped beneath the construction requiring periodic elimination to reduce the lack of water depth in the pond.

A water supply can be offered into the eco-ponds too easily. The diversion can utilize a weir or similar arrangement to guide water through a pipe or ditch into the pond website.

Drainage Region

Drainage area is a measure of the total amount of land surface leading water from runoff into some pond site and can be introduced in square miles or yards.

For ponds relying upon surface runoff, the drainage region must supply an adequate source of water to keep pond water amounts.

Too big a drainage area ought to be prevented as excessive runoff during storms may harm embankments and spillways or cause pond washout.


If appropriate clay isn't on-site, proper lands or land amending products could be obtained from the site.

Pond Design Options

Materials and construction choices vary based on your requirements and site requirements. There are a lot of designs of ponds that you can construct in the background but the choice is totally yours.