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If you ask us, the very best way to ensure you stick to your wedding budget is to identify at the outset where you might slip up along the way. So we’ll start by sharing the most common wedding budget issues to look out for!

Insufficient research. Some couples set their wedding budget based on assumed figures, or what they think weddings should cost, only to discover too late that they were way off the mark.

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How to avoid it: A little research goes a long way towards helping you create a realistic wedding budget – this short feature covers the basics, and our budget breakdown series is helpful for this, too.

Loss of perspective. For most couples, their wedding is one of the biggest expenses in their lives so far, so it’s easy to feel disconnected from how much money is being spent. You might find yourself thinking, “We’re spending so much money, what’s another €500?” when €500 is a sum of money you’d usually think long and hard about spending.

How to avoid it: It can be helpful to compare wedding expenses to everyday expenses like rent or bills to put things in perspective. It’s also a good idea to write down a list of priorities for your wedding day, and reference it when making big decisions.

Accounting errors. Most couples have never managed a budget for a large event before, so this one is fairly understandable.

How to avoid them: Many accounting errors are unavoidable, but they’re less likely when you and your partner work together. Ask your other half to check your spreadsheets after you’ve updated them, and vice versa.