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Lewy body dementia, front temporal dementia, and other types of dementia are also possible. One person may have multiple types of dementia.

This disease is being treated at the federal and state levels without the use of antipsychotic medication. Massage is one natural way to help those with dementia. Many older people feel isolated, lonely, and anxious because they don't get much human touch.

For dementia patients, hand massage may be especially beneficial. Hand massage for five minutes has been proven to increase relaxation hormones and decrease cortisol levels. A lower level of cortisol can lead to better sleep and a more robust immune system. You can also look for therapeutic activities for dementia patients online.

6 Ways to Help Someone Who Doesn't Know They're Ill: Anosognosia in Dementia DailyCaring

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The slow-stroke back massage is another massage technique that has been proven to be effective. The slow-stroke back massage involves long, rhythmic hand movements called effleurage.

Massage stimulates endorphins production, which is the body's natural painkillers. Massage can also relax the autonomic nervous systems, which affects back massage. It is possible to perform a simple, three- to five-minute massage of slow strokes back massage.

* Reduce anxiety

* Reduce pain

* Reduce agitation, including care resistance and pace

* Reduce blood pressure and heartbeat

Many people are comfortable with foot massages, even if they don't feel the same way about a back massage. Foot massages, like any type of massage, can promote sleep, reduce anxiety, and ease the pain.