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Puzzles are based on a range of letters. The majority of the time, the letters are placed in a square however, other shapes can be employed. To win such games you can take online help easily. You can also visit the site to get a jumble word solver.

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Hidden within the array are words that go in a horizontal direction (left to right or right to left) or in a vertical direction (downwards and upwards) or in every diagonal way. 

The puzzle's job is to go through the array to find all of the words and draw them in circles. In many variations that the puzzle is played, the participant is given a specific list of words to search for, however in some situations, the player may receive a general idea (e.g. "US presidents" and "Christmas"), and naturally, in the second situation, the job is more difficult.

Puzzles of this kind are popular as an activity for leisure and in classroom settings. One of the advantages in the second case is that the students who solve these types of puzzles must be attentive to the spelling of every word (otherwise they'll not be able to identify it within the alphabet array) as a result, they can develop their spells although they're not conscious of learning how to spell. 

Perhaps it's for these reasons that puzzles involving word searches have become increasingly popular among educators and teachers, particularly in the K-12 as well as ESL (English as a second language) contexts.