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Employee performance planning is an important area of performance management. It focuses on improving and developing employees' performance in order to achieve overall business goals. Operational goal setting for employees make it easier for employees to fulfill their responsibilities. It also propels excellence within the work environment.

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Following are the steps for performance planning:

  • Identify the strengths of each individual

Learn about your employees' capabilities to help you adapt your responsibilities and set performance goals.

  • Setting Performance Goals

Establish performance goals based on the employee's strengths. Participate in this step with the employee. This will allow them to understand the plan and help them get where they want to go. Before you can set the goals, it is important to understand the overall goals of your organization and the department or team that the employee represents. Next, ensure that your individual performance goals are aligned with these overall goals.

  • Define employee responsibilities

It is easier to identify their responsibilities once you have established the goals that the individual must achieve within the given time frame. Their responsibilities might change during a performance review but they will always have a basic set.

  • Make a Development Plan

Here you will create a plan to help employees develop the skills and knowledge necessary to reach the goals and take on the new responsibilities.This stage is where career development plans are created to help employees understand their career goals. This will be a positive influence on employee motivation and personal growth.

These are steps involved in performance planning for an employee. Employee goal-setting can incorporate performance, operational, development, and personal goals.