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Superman was one of the anthology features that began in the book. National published Superman's comic book entitled Superman in June 1938. It was renamed and numbered back to its original title in May 2006. Superman has been adapt to many other media, including radio serials and novels, movies, television, and theatre.

Superman was created on this planet Krypton. The name was later given to him, Kal-El at birth. His parents were his parents as a baby. He sent him to Earth. In a small spaceship, moments before Krypton was destroyed by a natural catastrophe. His spaceship landed in the American countryside near the fictional American town of Smallville. You can buy the best superman comics via Strip Web.

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He was adopted by farmers. Farmers adopted him after they found him. Jonathan and Martha Kent named him Clark Kent. Clark was able to develop superhuman abilities such as immaturity and strength. Clark's adoptive parents encouraged him to use his talents for humanity and he chose to fight crime.

He disguises himself in a colorful costume to protect his privacy and uses the pseudonym "Superman" to fight crime. Clark Kent lives in the fictional American town of Metropolis. He is a journalist at the Daily Planet. Superman is the archetype of the superhero character. He wears an outrageous costume, uses a codename and fights evil using extraordinary abilities. 

While there were other fictional characters that could have been considered to fit this description, like Zorro or the Phantom, Superman is the one who popularized the superhero genre. He was the most popular superhero character in American comics up to the 1980s. Superman, the original superhero, is the symbol of what has been one of the most lucrative and powerful entertainment genres.