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You should not be surprised if you discover mold spores everywhere and in every part of your home. These spores circulate through the air and then are able to settle and develop in damp areas.  As a result, mold testing at regular periods is critical for housing maintenance. You can get the best mold testing service via

Mold Inspection & Testing Services - Canton, Westland, Livonia MI

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The results of a room-by-room mold check could include cottony patches, discoloration on surfaces, and other issues. This discoloration could be black, white, brown, gray, green, pink, or even blue in color. Starting with the kitchen might be a good idea in that scenario because this place is full of dark, damp corners.

The place is quite inviting to molds because of the leaks and water lines. Therefore, when conducting mold inspections, the best spot to check is beneath the sink, and also on the walls inside of the cabinet for the sink.

If it's a result of a minor leak it could go unnoticed in these areas, and there is a high likelihood of becoming the breeding grounds of the tiny creature. 

Following a mold test, you may see unwanted growth of this creature on meals, which could be the result of placing those products on the refrigerator's bottom shelf.

Any appliance that uses water could provide a potential shelter for this little species. The bathroom is another place where these species can be found.

Mold thrives in warm, humid environments with plenty of water. These fungi are relatively easy to attack in bathtubs or showers.