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Confidence is the ability to believe in ourselves and be all that we can be. Confidence can sometimes feel a bit like a rollercoaster ride – certain events can cause us to climb up into highs and fall down into lows.

The universal struggle is to stay in the middle or on an up curve '…

This “Confidence mentorguide is a step-by-step guide that will help you to build and maintain your 'bulletproof' self-confidence.

1. Take care of yourself

Everyone has talents, skills, and abilities. Give yourself credit for being who you are.

  • Now, write 5 amazing things about yourself. These might be physical characteristics, but you should try to focus on unique, non-looks-based things about yourself.

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Next, take a piece of the same paper and write:

  • The proudest moments

  • There are at least three instances where you can point to examples of successful attempts.

  • If possible, do your best to get past these times. If not, remember that problems are part of life.

2. Help from others

  • Once you have built up your inner strength, it will be easier to support and strengthen others.

  • People who are kind and respectful to you will make you feel better.

  • Do your best to build friendships with positive, upbeat people. These people can be valuable assets.

You will make great strides towards self-confidence by becoming more aware of the ways you can support yourself internally.