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If you are using your Instagram account for your business, then Story posting is an effective way to engage with people using this app every day and increase your followers. Various brands are nowadays creating augmented reality filters to build brand awareness.
If you want to learn how to use Instagram effects on your Instagram, this blog will surely help you. Or you can know more about custom Instagram effects via  online. With Instagram, you can apply effects and different filters seamlessly before posting.
By using filters, you can change the overall look of the photo and make your photos and videos cooler. Here are some of the best Instagram Story filters:
  • Tokyo:  Tokyo is a black and white story filter that you can use in your stories.
  • Oslo:  Oslo Instagram filter is used to warm up skin tones and make your picture more beautiful by increasing contrast for a look.
  • Prism Light: This is the filter that you can use to transform the darkest landscape shots with a prism light like a rainbow. This is useful for those natural scenes where there isn’t really a strong subject focus.
Steps to Create Your Own Instagram Story Filters:
  • In the first step, download Spark AR to your computer.
  • Once downloaded, open the program and click File, then Create New.
  • In the next step, click on add object and choose face mesh. You can see the white and black mask in check style on the picture you want to create. You need to create a texture according to your style.
  • After that, open Photoshop. Open a face mask, create a layer on it, and choose the design you want to use.