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For efficient communication in the business environment, business phone systems offer enhanced features and services that only make communication easy, but also, make it more professional and secure. Advanced business phones have more features and functions than ordinary phones including voicemail with e-mail integration, call handling, Computer telephony Integration (CTI), WiFi, VoIP multi-site networking, paging, intercom, and advanced data networking, and many other advanced features.

Data cabling for setting up new business telephone systems, upgradation of existing phone systems, or relocation of phones system to some other place is done by professional technicians. Some of the companies dealing in business phone systems also offer free site inspection and consultation to optimize performance and minimize the costs of installing phone systems. There are various companies such as which provide you with VoIP services.

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The growing popularity of VoIP phone systems lies in its functionality, multiple features like caller ID, call forwarding, web mobility, voice mail management, conference calling facility, and several other advantages including cost savings. The VoIP system converts the analog voice signals into digital data packets to facilitate voice transmission in real-time using the internet. VoIP system does not require any complex hardware set-up and its services can be used for making long-distance calls and that too at cheaper rates. The key features of the VoIP phone system are:

Voice commands: Voice command activation enables dialing, transferring, and retrieving of calls.

Voice dialing: Instead of using a phone keypad, voice dialing can be done verbally.

VoIP gateway device: Configuration of VoIP service either through the internet or through an on-premise gateway device helps in improving the service quality.

Management applications: Using of Response Point Administrator for setting up and monitoring the entire phone system as per individual preferences, click-to-call contacts and veiw call status.

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