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Many may remember some family friends who are starting a company and which they see as a role model. They may remember a knowledgeable business person or a good business coach in Houston who took them under their wing and told them all about the customer and the relationship of the company; someone who will call and talk to when trying to make their business decisions.

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The first example may clarify what a mentor is away. But one could see them more as an advisor. However, three examples illustrate what business mentoring is all about. 

It is true that the advisor is quite useful when it comes to helping us understand how to do certain things.

But the business coach relationship is much deeper, more individualized, and long-term. They do not deal with you to generate income or increase their ego. They work with you due to the fact that they are interested in helping business people. 

And they want to help you prosper.

The mentor stereotype is a white-haired master who remembers exactly what life was like in the days long gone and the desire to help you avoid the mistakes they make. While this certainly explains some of them, the important thing is that they have more experience and associations from you, and at this time has been where you are.