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Product packaging besides protecting your goods from damage is also a powerful driver of purchasing behavior. Did you know that four in five people have tried a new product just because they liked its packaging, and 1 in 2 have switched brands because they liked the new brand’s packaging better?

The way your product is packaged plays an important role in how consumers respond to it. There are many packaging analysis methods are available nowadays which you can use according to your needs.

Good packaging can strengthen your brand, justify a high price tag and serve as an important difference between you and your competitors, and that's only part of what good packaging can do. It's true that the content of the packaging is more important, but it's amazing what good packaging can do for your product.

When designing packaging for a new or rebranded product, you may want to find out how safe your goods will be and how customers will react to your packaging before investing in the final design.

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By testing the packaging, you can satisfy consumer sentiment and choose the right packaging design for your product from a safety point of view.

Many items can affect the condition of your packaging and the products it contains. Everything from used packaging materials to the regulations of your destination market, to environmental conditions throughout your supply chain, can prevent you from delivering quality products to your customers.

The following tests are typically performed on packaging equipment such as consumer or commercial electronics, toys, robotics, and mechanical components:

• Preconditioning and/or aging

• Temperature, humidity, and pressure

• Vibration – sinusoidal and/or random

• Impact test

• Leak test

• Compression test

• Impact test

Transport by multiple vehicles, including trucks and ships, creates vibrations that can affect shipping boxes, inner packaging, packaging seals, and the product inside. And your package may experience additional shocks, shocks, and vibrations, especially when traveling to less developed countries on unpaved roads.