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When it comes to furnishing a home – whether the interior or the exterior – there is nothing that quite adds an extra level of comfort and style like cushions. 

Simple and inexpensive, these decorative items make any sofa far more inviting and can add a pop of color to any home. The internet provides a number of results on cushion covers and shopping online for the choice of cushion covers you are available. You can shop for the best Interiors online in Australia via

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Things we should consider while choosing the right cushion size:

If you already have your cushion inserts or your cushion covers, finding the corresponding cover or insert to match can also be difficult.

There are both larger and smaller options available, however, including 30cm by 30cm covers and 65cm by 65cm inserts. These, of course, are square cushions, but there are also many rectangular models on the market too.

On the other hand, large cushion covers and inserts are well suited to outdoor furniture and day beds.

The reason for this is that outdoor furniture can often require an extra level of comfort that large cushions provide, and daybeds may need large cushions to provide additional support and comfort for sleeping. 

By following these few guidelines, you should be able to find some cushion inserts and covers that work well for you either indoors or outdoors. 

All that is left is to find a great cushion retailer with a range of designs that you will love and that will suit your home.