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Baffle ceilings are excellent for generating an atmosphere within a room space. These open ceiling structures concede a view to the plenum area and concrete top above. We render them specifically for remedial installation on concrete ceilings where a distinctive design or improvement to the acoustic sound is in demand.

Soundproofing is a composition or method of designing an area that has reduced the volume (level) of sound in the air. A noise barrier is a prototype for reducing noise pollution and reflected noise. The timber baffles ceiling is one of the best ceilings to install in residential as well as in commercial areas.

We mainly use partitions to enhance the acoustics required in the construction of porous spaces, theatres, conference rooms, and other spaces where sound quality is critical to the quality of the area and its services.

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Today on the market there are variations in the design of ceiling partitions – the adaptability of the ceiling depends on the choice of the partition size. Different settings have different effects on acoustic quality. This is an important consideration when volume reduction is required. In the acoustics and sound department, it is better to seek expert help.

Acoustic comfort informal spaces, schools, or public buildings contribute to our shared understanding. Poor acoustic performance can affect mood, communication, safety, productivity, and learning ability.

Ceiling partitions are highly effective acoustic products for ceilings, offering excellent acoustic properties, comfort and at the same time creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.