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Real estate agents are licensed , who work in the business of buying and selling homes. They typically have years of experience in the field and are familiar with all the different neighborhoods in Los Angeles. 

Real estate agents can charge different rates for their services, depending on the area where clients are looking to buy or sell a home. They will also offer different services, including market analysis, negotiating skills, and tips for preparing for showings.

They can provide you with valuable information and support during the process.

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Pros of being a Realtor: 

-You can make a lot of money.

-You have opportunities to work in various areas, such as rentals, sales, or listings.

-You can work from home, which is an advantage for some people.

-It's a flexible profession, so you can move around if you want to.

-Real estate is a very interesting industry that is always changing.

Qualities to Look for in an Agent

– Professionalism: Agents who are well-trained and professional should exhibit good customer service skills. They should be able to provide accurate information about the market, local laws and regulations, and property values.

– Knowledge: Agents who are knowledgeable about the local market and neighborhoods will be able to provide you with information that is tailored to your needs. They should also be up-to-date on new construction projects and trends in the area.

– Experience: An experienced agent will have knowledge about the types of homes that are available in the market and will be able to show you properties that match your preferences.